Cahors, a destination of choice in the Lot

Cahors, a destination of choice in the Lot

Are you looking for the ideal place for your holidays or for your tourist stays near the Bretenoux campsite in the Lot? Ca hors is a good choice. Indeed, even though there are several attractive towns in France, Cahors has elements that make it stand out.

Cahors, on the road to Santiago de Compostela

Cahors is a commune in the southwest of France. It is the smallest prefecture among those of the 13 departments that make up the Occitanie Region. Main city of the Lot department and historic center of Quercy, Cahors has about 20,000 inhabitants called Cadurciens.

Located in a meander of the Lot and surrounded by steep and barren limestone hills, this historic town is home to a great diversity of monuments, mainly inherited from Roman times and the Middle Ages. The city's landmarks include the historic center, Saint-Étienne Cathedral, the Roman walls and the famous Valentré Bridge, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as it is part of the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela .

Apart from that, Cahors is famous for its wine and gastronomy. It has also obtained the label of Cities of Art and History. Its economy depends on tertiary services and this makes Cahors the economic center of the Lot.

Cahors has a rich history dating back to Celtic times. The original name of the town was Divona or Divona Cadurcorum. Divona was a fountain, now called "the fountain of the Carthusians", which is worshiped by the Cadurci, a Celtic people from Gaul before the Roman conquest in the 50s BC.

The Cadurci were among the last Celtic tribes to resist the Roman invasion. Cahors had therefore become a large Roman city, with many monuments whose remains are still visible today.

What tourist activities in Cahors

Currently, Cahors has become a popular tourist center where people come to enjoy its medieval quarter and the 14th century Valentré bridge. But apart from that, it is possible to carry out other interesting tourist activities in Cahors. As an example, you can find:

  • St. Stephen's Cathedral, which is a national monument;
  • the 14th century Church of Saint-Barthélemy;
  • the house of Henri IV or the Hôtel de Roaldès from the 15th century;
  • the Daurade district comprising the Hérétié house, the Dolive house, the Executioner's house, the barbican which once defended the Porte de la Barre;
  • the tower of the hanged;
  • the Duèze Palace;
  • etc

Also, the region around Cahors produces wine, mainly robust and tannic red wine. You can therefore take advantage of your visit to taste it. Beside that, know that the Cahors Blues Festival has been held every year, in July, since 1982. Attending this event is also an excellent activity for a tourist.

For the rest, Cahors is remarkable for its wide variety of leisure activities. If you are more sporty, you can do activities such as going on a bike ride, horseback riding, golfing, kayaking, etc.

Accommodation near Cahors

Indeed, Camping la Bourgnatelle can welcome you during your tourist stays. It offers a quiet location and is close to shops. To get there from Cahors, you can take the train, the bus, or go by car. And you can rent the campsites with an affordable price. Around the campsite, you can:

  • enjoy a moment of relaxation with the family on the banks of a beautiful river;
  • breathe healthier and more natural air;
  • swim in the pool;
  • send toy children to games designed especially for them;
  • take advantage of a catering service;
  • etc