The Canal des Moines in Aubazines

The Canal des Moines, a French irrigation canal in the town of Aubazines

The Canal des Moines , this famous irrigation canal is located in the department of Corrèze in the town of Aubazine. It is one of the canals that benefit from specific protections as historical monuments.

What is the Canal des Moines?

The Canal des Moines is an exceptional work of art which measures 1.5 km located in Aubazine. It dates from the 12th century. It is distinguished by a succession of 0.5 degree slopes and 40 m high peaks. It comes to life at the sources of Champchauzat, in Perrier.

They are then supplemented by a water intake on the Malsanne. Its water intake is to be discovered on the Coyroux stream. Its passage from the water to the heart of the rock is very beautiful to see.

In some places, the canal is dug into the rock, and others corbelled were built by Cistercian monks from the abbey.

At that time, its main role was to serve fish ponds and mills. It also served as the monastery's water supply.

Currently, the Canal des Moines is one of the most popular destinations for hikers. But it is forbidden for animals, bicycles, motorcycles and strollers. This location is also not wheelchair accessible.

How did the development project start?

The Canal Des Moines and the Development Projects in Aubazine make it possible to preserve this site, which is both old and audacious in its structure. This site is to be visited during a hike in the town, in order to discover the beauty of nature.

The history of the Canal des Moines project began in 2006. After the storm of 1999 and the heat wave of 2003, this site was really weakened. This is accentuated by the many tourists who go there every year. An operation was therefore launched in 2006 until 2010 in order to restore it. This was necessary in particular because of its retaining walls which were about to collapse and its many leaks. Barns, fish ponds and mills were also fitted out.

How to get there from the Bourgnatelle campsite in Bretenoux?

Starting from the Bourgnatelle campsite , going to the Canal des Moines is not a long journey.

From Bretenoux you can take the D940 to Aubazines in around 45 minutes. This route also allows you to visit the towns of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne and Argentat-sur-Dordogne.