Carennac, one of the most beautiful villages in the Lot

Presentation of Carennac in the Lot

Carennac is the French commune which is located in the Dordogne valley in the Lot department, in the Occitanie region. It is located 50 km northeast of Gourdon .

Carennac in the Lot was a medieval village gathered around a church in Saint-Sernin, and subject to the Abbey of Cluny. This is how the parish became a priory under the influence of the latter, and carried out the construction of the Saint Pierre church from the 11th century. The Château des Doyens in the 16th century (1681 - 1685) housed Fénelon.

A church, a castle, a cloister, and even an island, Carennac in the lot is an invitation to deepen each meander of the Country of Art and history of the Lot Dordogne valley; by canoe , on foot or by car.

What makes the local village of Carennac in France so special?

A village of Carennac in the medieval Lot and its priory. It is one of the most beautiful villages in France in the Lot which breathes the sweetness of life. In the heart of the Quercy Dordogne valley, sculpted windows have been preserved in the houses. The Romanesque church with its 12th century tympanum, the Château des Doyens the artistic and historical memory of the site and the Clunisian priory of the 11th century has left nothing of the time when it housed Fénelon.

The priory left to agricultural use and the decline of the village marked the Revolution. The priory which escaped from ruin and restored in the 20th century. A flight of turrets and high chimneys in the sky, evokes all the beauty of a village classified as a country of History and Art, which makes Carennac special in the Lot tourism. In Carennac, you can also relive the era of the boatmen on the Dordogne, descending the river on board “gabares”.

Flat-bottomed boats transport the wood to Bordeaux, then bring up wine, salt and exotic foodstuffs. Moreover, Christian Signol set the scene for his trilogy “La rivière Espérance”, which was brought to the small screen in the summer of 1995 by Josée Dayan. You can also see:

  • The 11th century Saint-Pierre church and its sculpted tympanum
  • The chapter house followed by an Entombment of the 15th century
  • The half-Romanesque, half-Gothic-flamboyant cloister
  • The Castle of the Doyens

Tourist attractions and events that occur each year around Carennac in the Lot

Several tourist activities are possible around Carennac in the Lot. For the festivities, many cultural events are organized by the Saint-Céré festival. At the beginning of August, an open-air theater and cinema, organized by the friends of Carennac. After August 15, the village festival on the first Sunday. Exhibitions during the spring to November. In November, a sculpture course and the Christmas market in the cloister in December.

What to do during your visit to Carennac in the Lot

Carennac in the Lot is one of the most beautiful villages in France, but what can you do in this village and what to do near Carennac in the Lot too? There are attractions to visit near Carennac as mentioned above.

In Carennac, there is a rocky terrace which is a few kilometers from Martel and Souillac in Haut Quercy. Carennac governs the Dordogne river and stretches along a long and beautiful bank, well decorated with old wooden boats. There are also many places to discover, such as the courtyard of the priory of Carennac, the church of St Pierre and its sculpted tympanum. There is also the incredible cloister of the monastery, the Château des Doyens de Carennac.

How to get to Carennac from La Bourgnatelle campsite in Bretenoux?

It is very easy to get to Carennac during your stay at La Bourgnatelle campsite in Bretenoux. Indeed Carennac is located 10 minutes by car from the campsite. The departmental road D918 is the main road which connects Bretenoux to Carennac. It is a pleasant panoramic road to discover the beautiful landscapes of the Lot.