Chateau Castelnau

Castle of Castelnau in Bretenoux in the Lot

Castelnau-Bretenoux castle is located in the Lot department, commune of Prudhomat near La Bourgnatelle campsite . It is a large fortress created between the 12th and 17th centuries at the time of Hugues de Castelnau.

Classified as a historical monument in 1862, this castle is one of the most essential places to visit during your trip to the Occitanie Region . Formerly belonging to the Castelnau family, this chateau is currently exclusively owned by the State. It is entirely open to the public. We invite you to discover this magnificent castle which is famous in the country and especially in the department of Lot.

A brief history of Castelnau castle in Bretenoux

The castle was erected at the beginning of the 12th century by Jean II de Castelneau-Caylus. It was fitted out regularly in order to adapt to the artillery of the time. After the disappearance of the last Castelnau in 1715, the castle deteriorated due to lack of maintenance. Thereafter, it changed hands several times.

On the night of January 28 to 29, 1851, a serious fire broke out within the castle grounds. Which destroyed much of the infrastructure. It was subsequently restored by the various owners who succeeded one another. Note that the castle had 15 owners before being transferred to the hands of the state on March 13, 1933.

The visit of the castle of Castelnau

Castelnau-Bretenoux castle is distinguished by its triangular shape and its red stone walls. Culminating on a rocky plateau with its imposing appearance, you are not likely to miss it. To access the courtyard, you must face two sets of steps. Then, 20 more stairs await you before reaching the furnished apartments. The hardest part is climbing the 60 steps leading from the courtyard to the terrace of the artillery tower .

Once you reach the level of the lice, you will have a breathtaking view of the immensity of the landscape surrounding the castle.

Note that the apartments built in the 17th century were decimated by the fire of 1851. What you are currently seeing is the work of Jean Mouliérat. The highlight of the visit is especially inside the castle and more precisely on the 1st floor. Indeed, Jean Mouliérat had to completely restore the south-west wing which was destroyed by fire in order to install his apartments there.

You will find half a dozen rooms there that the former and last owner took care to furnish with furniture from various periods.

If the barons of Castelnau initially planned a castle for military use, Jean Mouliérat transformed it into a warm and charming place . The guard room, for example, has become a dining room. The guides will make you live unforgettable moments thanks to anecdotes or accounts of the events that took place in the castle at the time.

During your visit to the castle of Castelnau, do not miss the famous artillery tower with its 14 meters in diameter. It is certainly the tallest tower ever known. This visit is a must with the family . As the visit is not too long, your children will not be bored.