The list of your camping trip with children in the Lot

The list of your camping trip with children in the Lot

You are probably planning to go on holiday camping in tents or booking cheap accommodation in the Lot at La Bourgnatelle campsite. If you have children, it's much harder to remember everyone's needs. To be sure not to forget anything, it is crucial to make a checklist for camping with children in the Lot.

Items to pack

When traveling in large numbers, it is essential to put everyone's belongings in their own suitcase or backpack. They should therefore not be stored in a single large piece of luggage. This way, you will teach your children to become much more responsible and watch their belongings while on vacation at a campsite . If you are looking for the best location or group accommodation, visit our site .

In any case, to make your stay very comfortable and so that all your belongings are at hand, don't forget the essentials and in particular, the belongings that your children will need greatly.

Each family has its own little list of things to pack. That said, the list of needs for a campsite depends on several parameters:

  • the size of your campsite.
  • where you are going to spend your camping holiday.
  • activities to do while camping.
  • equipment available on site.
  • equipment available for hire.
  • the weather it will be.

In this case, you must take the time to prepare your camping checklist with your children.

Equipment for sleeping well

To spend comfortable nights camping and avoid back pain, it is advisable to take with you:

  • a large tent or two tents.
  • sleeping bags or inflatable mattresses with a pump.
  • camping pillows.
  • floor mats.
  • a ground sheet to sleep dry.
  • a bag sheet and a mosquito net.
  • a sleep mask.
  • flashlights.

Camping equipment for children

To camp with your children or with a baby, you must add to your list:

  • toys, holiday notebooks, books.
  • SPF 50 sunscreen.
  • a comforter and pacifiers.
  • an inflatable baby bath.
  • cutlery and water bottle for children.
  • a bucket and shovel.
  • an inflatable buoy.
  • a kite.
  • clothes.

Equipment for camping activities

When camping, many activities are offered. You can add certain materials to your list, such as:

  • a tourist guide of the region.
  • a headphone.
  • a camera with accessories.
  • board games and a card game.
  • fins, snorkel and mask.
  • a ball.
  • backpacks for group outings.

It would also be necessary to equip yourself with folding camping chairs and a folding table, a hammock, a picnic tablecloth and an umbrella.

Other things to remember

If you do not make a checklist of your needs for your campsite with the children, you will be forced to rent several equipment once on site. So think about essential things like:

  • clothes adapted to the season and the weather.
  • kitchen utensils.
  • care products; hydroalcoholic gel, sunscreen, travel pharmacy…
  • hygiene products eau de toilette, shower gel, toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, hairbrush, mirror, tea towel, sponge, bag of dirty laundry, toilet paper, basin for dishes or laundry...