Explore the wonders of Souillac: a town rich in history and beauty

Souillac: a beautiful story

To tell the story of Souillac, you have to go back to the Middle Ages. During this period, precisely in the 13th century, the Benedictines settled in the plain of Souillès in place of a community founded there by Saint Eloi.

The monks who took care of Souillac by gradually transforming the town into a rich estate. Several times ransacked by the English, the city continues to recover thanks to the strength of the abbots.

In the 19th century, in 1819 to be exact, the town of Beau Repos was attached to the department and merged with Souillac.

Today, the inhabitants of the town are called the Souillagais .

Souillac and its architecture

Souillac is located halfway between Rocamadour and Sarlat. Like several cities in France, it includes museums and castles that tell and make its history.

Souillac is known for being a city of contrasts that sits right in the heart of rivers and ancient stones. With its many caves, the city promises you an authentic and natural stay.

Also, you will have the opportunity to visit the monuments that perfectly represent the architecture of the city of Souillac:

  • The buildings of the Sainte-Marie abbey
  • The old Saint-Martin church
  • The Louis Vicat Bridge
  • The banks of the Dordogne
  • The automaton museum

Souillac: a city for the family

Do you want to go to Souillac with your family? The city promises you many cultural, sporting and fun activities!

To start, you can therefore visit cult places such as the School of Music, the Municipal Library or the Old Plum Museum.

As far as sports and leisure activities are concerned, you also have a multitude of choices:

Getting to Souillac from the Bretenoux campsite

Would you like to go to Souillac from the La Bourgnatelle de Bretenoux campsite ? Here is the shortest route that will take you to the city of contrasts:

  • At the first roundabout, take the 2nd exit towards Brive
  • Continue on Causse de Saint-Georges
  • Turn left onto Avenue Jean Moulin
  • Turn right onto Rue de la Porte Penche
  • At the Bramefond roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Route de Martel
  • Continue to Souillac

This route is the fastest and is estimated at 42 minutes. On the road, you will pass by some well-known towns such as Vayrac or Martel that you will be able to visit.

Return to the Bretenoux campsite

For the way back, you can take a different route to discover new landscapes. Here are the main stages of your journey:

  • Go in a long straight line and turn right onto Bellevue
  • At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit and continue on D840
  • Turn left onto Rue du Cap de Ville
  • Turn right onto Prairie Basse
  • Continue straight to the Bretenoux campsite

With this journey estimated at 51 minutes, you will pass through some well-known towns such as La chappelle-Auzac, Vayrac or Bétaille. On occasion, do not hesitate to stop to discover the monuments of these cities.