Curemonte, one of the most beautiful villages in France near the Lot

Where is Curemonte located?

At the southern end of Corrèze, not far from the Lot, Curemonte stretches out on a ridge line overlooking the Maumont and Sourdoire valleys.

It is a small village with a population of around 500 people.

The village has a medieval castle which was built in the 12th century and it is surrounded by a moat. The village has a rich history and it is known for its beautiful landscapes.

It is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in France .

This village has preserved many noble houses and a hall from the beginning of the 19th century housing a 16th century cross shaft, the round or square towers of its three castles, its 12th century Romanesque church.

Wrapped in the yellow of the meadows in spring and in the greenery of the surrounding hills, the medieval village of Curemonte is located close to major mythical sites: Collonges Rouge , the Gouffre de Padirac , Rocamadour .

It is a perfect place for cultural and relaxing holidays.

Places to eat and drink are part of the history of Curemonte near the Lot, which mark this village.

What are these places and what kind of food can you eat in Curemonte ?

Top 5 things to do in Curemonte

When we visit a place, we tend to ask about everything we can do there. Here, we wonder what to do in Curemonte?

Curemonte is nicknamed the village of Three, because it is home to 3 churches, 3 castles and 3 fountains.

The Top 5 things to do in Curemonte near the Lot:

  • Visit the village on a guided tour
  • Campsites around Curemonte
  • Taste aperitifs in the places concerned
  • Taste good food also in the places concerned
  • Go hiking around the Curemonte

The best places in Curemonte to eat and drink

What takes a big place in the village of Curemonte is the gastronomy, Rocamadour cheese, foie gras, nuts, strawberries, wine, etc.... You can feast on the tables of the restaurants of Curemonte and the best restaurants, traditional restaurants, gourmet restaurants, brasseries. Theme restaurants.

Of the best places to eat near Curemonte:

  • The Barbican
  • Crêperie “ô Champs D’l’heure”
  • At the Old Oven
  • Beaulieu
  • The Blue Waves
  • The Cantou

  • At Colette's
  • The prayer
  • The Farm Hall
  • Al 'Abri du Moulin
  • The Table of the Mill
  • Auberge du Pilou
  • Chouchen creperie
  • The Gabare
  • The Good Family
  • The Pilgrim's and the Witch's Creperie
  • The Relay of Santiago de Compostela
  • Sophia House
  • Flavors of Les Halles
  • The Little Mill

Where to stay near Curemonte?

There are many hotels and bed and breakfasts near Curemonte:

  • Campsites around Curemonte: Our La Bourgnatelle campsite in Bretenoux
  • Bed and Breakfast in Curemonte and its surroundings: Charming Guest House La Bruyle, Le Moulin de la Salle, Les Cavaleries, ô Champs de l'Heure
  • Holiday villages and holiday villages: Villages les Vignottes (VVF)