The village of Creysse in the Lot

The village of Creysse in the Lot

The village of Creysse is located in the Lot department in the Occitanie region. Warm and welcoming, there is no shortage of activities and places to visit with family or friends. For a weekend or a full week's vacation, you will be able to discover the monuments that have made the history of this village. Right away, we will give you all the necessary information before you go to Creysse.

Creysse: a brief look back at history

In history, Creysse is also known to have been a royal pilgrimage route for Rocamadour . Thus, many illustrious people have passed through it, namely:

  • King Louis IX in 1244
  • Capetian King Philip IV the Fair in 1303
  • Charles IV le Bel in 1324
  • Louis XI in 1463

Creysse and its unique architecture

Creysse is a village that stands out for its authentic architecture. Even today, all the monuments of the city are intact and perfectly maintained. Among the best known, we can cite:

  • Saint-Germain church in Creysse
  • The old castle
  • The House of Justice
  • The tour of Guet or Cosnac

One of the particularities of the town of Creysse remains its 12th century church with two twin apses that you will have the chance to visit.

What to do in the village of Creysse?

There are several activities for children and adults to fill your holiday in Creysse. First of all, you have a wide choice of accommodation types: hotels, bed and breakfasts, lodges… In Creysse, one of the main activities remains camping.

Looking for more fun activities? Here are some ideas for a complete family holiday:

  • Bike ride under the walnut trees
  • Diving or nautical activity in the river
  • Horseback riding

A different route for the return to the Campsite

For the return to the campsite, we suggest a completely different route starting from Creysse to return to the Bretenoux campsite:

  • Turn right on D43
  • Turn right on the Gluges bridge
  • Turn left onto Roc Del Port
  • Turn right on D11
  • Go left on Pongens
  • Follow left onto Les Esperières
  • Turn left on D60

Itinerary to Creysse starting from the Bretenoux campsite

To get to Creysse from the Bretenoux campsite and enjoy the landscapes of the Lot, you will only have to travel 27.5 km. Thus, the journey is estimated at 31 minutes. Here are the different steps to enhance your journey:

  • At the first roundabout, take the 2nd exit towards Brive
  • After the work zone, turn left onto Avenue Jean Moulin
  • Turn left on Near Laguilhal
  • Turn right at La Guierle Basse
  • Turn left onto Saint-Denis
  • Turn left on Gluges/D840
  • Turn right on Gluges/D43
  • Slight left onto Roc Del Nau
  • Continue to Creysse

During this route, you can stop to visit well-known towns such as Bétaille, Vayrac or Saint-Denis-lès-Martel.